>Entry Competition for Youth Forum 2010 – Young Adults 4 New Results

>To join the entry-competition for Youth Forum 2010 – Young Adults 4 New Results, please answer ONE of the following questions with the media you prefer: a text, a video, an audio file, the website you created, photos… Your choice!

  1. Climate – Energy – Human Security: How are you engaged in one or more of these key words?
  2. What impact has climate change had on you, your family or your community?
  3. What is your practical and/or innovative solution to tackle the climate challenge?
  4. How are you active in the field of climate change?

Submission Requirements

All applications and submissions must be in English (videos can be subtitled in English)

If you submit a text, please do not exceed 500 words

If you submit a video, please do not exceed 3 minutes

If you submit an audio file, please do not exceed 5 minutes

If you submit photos, please do not submit more than 5 photos


To be eligible as a participant for the Youth Forum 2010 you have to be between the ages of 18-30 and be available to attend the Youth Forum 2010 from 28 June – 1 July 2010

If your application is submitted after 1 March 2010, it will only be considered in case of drop outs

If you are selected as one of the 150 participants to the Youth Forum 2010, you will be informed by e-mail by the end of March 2010

There will be no participation fee for the Youth Forum 2010. The GHF’s Youth Forum does not sponsor participants with regards to the costs related to the attendance to Youth Forum 2010. However, the GHF’s Youth Forum reserves the right to sponsor some participants on a case by case basis.

Please submit your application in English by 1 March 2010 by text, video, audio, photography or any other media via our online application form only!

Kandank Ilmu Team

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