>Apply for Youth Forum 2010 Competition in Geneva, Switzerland

>Nowadays, we can no longer solve the climate challenge separately from each other, be it across nations, across religions, across sectors or across generations. It is of upmost importance that the young generation has a real say in the climate debate and takes action.

From 28 June – 1 July 2010 the Global Humanitarian Forum (GHF), a Geneva based international organization personally led by Kofi Annan, will host its second annual Youth Forum entitle Youth Forum 2010 – Young Adults 4 New Results. Youth Forum 2010 will take place in Geneva, Switzerland, and the overaching title of the event will be “Generatinos taking on the Climate Challenge”.

150 committed and active international young adults between the ages of 18-30 will be selected as participants through and entry competition opened on 1 February 2010. The deadline to submit your application is 1 March 2010.

We are looking for young people from many different backgrounds! It does not matter if you are a scientist, a musician, a politician or a cook, a young professional or a student. If you are interested in the overarching topic of the event, then we are looking for you!

To know more about it and apply for Youth Forum 2010 as a participant, check out our website, read the terms and conditions and fill out the online application form!

Kandank Ilmu Team
Notes : This is part of Kandank Ilmu partnership with Global Humanitarian Forum – Youth Forum in promoting the Global Youth Forum 2010 event in Indonesia.

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