>A Message from OCP of NDC & NES 2009


Hi all,

NDC & NES has finished its event yesterday. We can conclude several results:

1. STAN is the Champion of NDC 2009
2. ITB is the runner-up of NDC 2009
3. UI and Unpar are the second runner-up of NDC 2009
4. Rahmad from STAN and Elfa from ITB are the co-bestspeaker of NDC 2009

Congratulations to all winners!!!

Special thanks should be given to:
1. Tina Talisa and Indy Rachmawati
2. The A-Team (Uphie, Puji, Aburrahman)
3. Ir Bambang Priambodo, MA (Bappenas)
4. Eep Saefullah Fatah, PhD (Pengamat Politik Nasional)
5. Dr. Sohibul Iman M.Eng (Mantan Rektor Univ Paramadina)
6. Prof. Dr. Ina Primiana Sagir (Guru Besar FE Unpad)
7. All adjudicators

Who have done and helped the committee to create a fantastic event!!!

Special Thanks should be sent to our Sponsor:
1. tvOne
2. shirtalks
3. RRI
4. Kartika Sari
5. Aratana Management

Not to Mention, all of our media partner:
1. tvOne
2. http://www.unpad.ac.id
3. RRI
4. Pikiran Rakyat
6. Kaskus.us
7. ndc-nes2009.blogspot.com

8. kandankilmu.blogspot.com

We should notice that this event wont be succeed without these delegates:

1. Unpad
2. UI
4. ITB
5. Atma Jaya
6. Unpar
7. Binus
8. IM Telkom
9. UMY
10. Undip
11. Untar
12. UPI

1. Unpad
2. UI
3. Unand
4. Bank of Indonesia
5. Kesekretariat Negara
6. LSM Independent

And without these people, there was no event at all:
1. The Main Board (OCP, Ketuplak, Ketupraplak, Bendahara, Sekretaris)
2. Div. Acara
3. Div. Logistik
4. Div. LO
5. Div. Konsumsi
6. Div. Kesekretariatan
7. Div. Publikasi dan Dokumentasi
8. Div. Perizinan
9. Div. Marketing
10. Div. Transportasi
11. Div. Humas
12. Steering Committee
13. Himpunan Mahasiswa ESP FE Unpad
14. Ketua Jurusan, Bapak Dr. Kodrat Wibowo
15. Pembantu Dekan III FE, Dr. Sulaeman Rahman Nidar
16. All lecturers
17. All parts that cannot be mentioned here

We are so happy that we have finished the event and we miss all moments before, during, and after the event with you all.

See you on the next NDC-NES 2010. With more glamour, more with, more analytical thinking, and more moments.


Best Regards,
On behalf of the committee,

Harris Subhan Riparev
Organizing Committee President

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