[E-Book] Principles of Managerial Finance by Gitman, Lawrence J._ Zutter, Chad J.

by Economic Journal Division HIMA ESP FEB UNPAD

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Principles of Managerial Finance
Gitman, Lawrence J._ Zutter, Chad J.

PART 1 Introduction to Managerial Finance
Chapter 1 : the role of managerial finance
Chapter 2 : the financial market environment

PART 2 Financial Tools
Chapter 3 : financial Statements and ratio Analysis
Chapter 4 : cash flow and financial planning
Chapter 5 : time Value of money

PART 3 Valuation of Securities
Chapter 6 : interest rates and Bond Valuation
Chapter 7 : Stock Valuation

PART 4 Risk and the Required Rate of Return
Chapter 8 : risk and return
Chapter 9 : the cost of capital

PART 5 Long-Term Investment decisions
Chapter 10 : capital Budgeting techniques
Chapter 11 : capital Budgeting cash flows
Chapter 12 : risk and refinements in capital Budgetin

PART 6 Long-Term Financial decisions
Chapter 13 : Leverage and capital Structure 558
Chapter 14 : payout policy 612

PART 7 Short-Term Financial decisions
Chapter 15 : Working capital and current Assets management 652
Chapter 16 : Current Liabilities management 695

PART 8 Special Topics in Managerial Finance
Chapter 17 : Hybrid and Derivative Securities
Chapter 18 : mergers, LBos, Divestitures, and Business failure
Chapter 19 : International managerial finance

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