[E-Book] The Indonesian Economy by Hal Hill

by Economic Journal Division HIMA ESP FEB UNPAD

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The Indonesian Economy
Hal Hill
Second Edition


1. Introduction

  • Prelude: A 1960s Basket Case
  • Indonesia—Then and Now
  • Indonesia’s Performance in Comparative Perspective
  • Outline of this Book

2. An Overview of Economic Development Since 1966

  • Rapid Growth
  • Episodes in Economic Policy and Development
  • Investment and Efficiency
  • Rapid Structural Change
  • Rapid Technological Change
  • Some Qualifications

3. Money and Finance

  • An Overview
  • Inflation and Money Supply
  • The 1980s Reforms
  • A Stock Take

4. Fiscal Policy

  • An Overview
  • Revenue
  • Expenditure
  • The Balanced Budget Rule
  • A Summing Up

5. International Dimensions

  • An Overview
  • The Balance of Payments
  • External Debt
  • Exchange Rate Management
  • Foreign Investment
  • Foreign Aid
  • Structural Adjustment and the Export Boom, 1985 to the Present
  • Shifting Regional Patterns of International Commerce

6. The State and Public Policy: Ideology and Intervention An Overview

  • Intervention I: Ownership Issues
  • Intervention II: Trade and Regulatory Policies
  • Public Administration and Corruption

7. Agricultural Modernization

  • An Overview
  • Food Crops
  • Cash Crops
  • Natural Resource Management
  • The Future Agenda

8. The Industrial Transformation

  • Manufacturing Industry
  • The Mining Industry

9. The Services Revolution

  • An Overview
  • Physical Infrastructure and Transport
  • Tourism
  • Financial Services

10. Poverty, Inequality and Social Progress

  • Poverty and Inequality
  • Nutritional Standards
  • Trends in Wages
  • Education and Health

11. The Regional Dimension: Patterns and Issues

  • The Importance of the Region in Indonesia
  • Patterns of Regional Development
  • The Regional Policy Agenda

12. Conclusion: Looking to the Future

  • A Brief Look Backwards
  • Looking Forward

13. Postscript on the Crisis

  • Introduction
  • Preludes to the Crisis
  • Socioeconomic Impacts
  • Explaining the Crisis
  • The Challenges Ahead

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