[E-Book] The Handbook of International Trade by Jim Sherlock and Jonathan Reuvid

by Economic Journal Division HIMA ESP FEB UNPAD

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The Handbook of International Trade
Jim Sherlock and Jonathan Reuvid


PART 1 : The global economy
1.1 The rationale for foreign trade and its organization
1.2 Balance of payments – measurement and management
1.3 Patterns of world trade

PART 2 : International marketing – principles and practice
2.1 Principles
2.2 Methods of market research
2.3 The marketing plan
2.4 Practice – distribution

PART 3 : The legal environment
3.1 An overview of UK law
3.2 The law of contract
3.3 Sale of goods in international trade
3.4 EU competition law
3.5 The law of agency

PART 4 : The export order process
4.1 The export office
4.2 The export quotation
4.3 Incoterms

PART 5 : International transport
5.1 Modes of international transport
5.2 Packing and marking for export
5.3 International transport documentation

PART 6 : Customs controls
6.1 Export procedures and documents
6.2 Import procedures and documents

PART 7 : Risk management
7.1 Cargo (marine) insurance
7.2 Credit insurance
7.3 Exchange risk management

PART 8 : Export finance
8.1 Business finance
8.2 International payment methods
8.3 Documentary letters of credit
8.4 Forms of countertrade

PART 9 : New horizons – looking ahead
9.1 ICT and export documentation
9.2 EU expansion
9.3 Global trading trends

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