[E-Book] Business A Changing World by O.C. Ferrel, Geoffrey Hirt, and Linda Ferrel

by Economic Journal Division HIMA ESP FEB UNPAD

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Business A Changing World

O.C. Ferrel, Geoffrey Hirt, Linda Ferrel

Tenth Edition

Highlights for each chapter
Chapter 1: The Dynamics of Business and Economics
• New boxed features describing real-world business issues
• New examples of entrepreneurs

Chapter 2: Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
• New examples of ethical issues facing today’s businesses
• New “Consider Ethics and Social Responsibility” box in the appendix

Chapter 3: Business in a Borderless World
• New examples of large multinational companies
• New content on opportunities for foreign investment in Mexico’s oil industry

Chapter 4: Options for Organizing Business
• New examples of companies with more than half their revenue generated outside the United States
• New boxed features describing current global issues

Chapter 5: Small Business, Entrepreneurship, and Franchising
• New coverage of social entrepreneurship
• New examples of entrepreneurs
• New boxed features describing current business issues

Chapter 6: The Nature of Management
• Expanded leadership section
• New See for Yourself Videocase—Ford Fusion

Chapter 7: Organization, Teamwork, and Communication
• New content on Pepsi’s global organizational structure
• New See for Yourself Videocase—Zappos

Chapter 8: Managing Service and Manufacturing Operations
• New boxed features describing current business operational issues
• New See for Yourself Videocase—Home Run Inn

Chapter 9: Motivating the Workforce
• New trend in businesses requiring their telecommuting workers to come back into the office
• New examples of companies with excellent motivational strategies

Chapter 10: Managing Human Resources
• New updates on employee wages
• New graphic demonstrating perspectives regarding performance reviews

Chapter 11: Customer-Driven Marketing
• New content on McDonald’s emphasis on Millennials
• New boxed features describing customer-oriented marketing issues

Chapter 12: Dimensions of Marketing Strategy
• Expanded content on reference pricing
• New examples of products in the life cycle

Chapter 13: Digital Marketing and Social Networking
• Significant restructuring and rearrangement of material
• New information on Pinterest and Instagram
• New examples of Facebook tools
• New information on digital payment systems

Chapter 14: Accounting and Financial Statements
• New information on the financial information and ratios of Microsoft
• Significant updates to industry analysis section
• More information on negative cash f ow
• New information on types of Google stock

Chapter 15: Money and the Financial System
• Additional information on deflation
• New section on shadow banking
• New boxed feature on Bitcoin

Chapter 16: Financial Management and Securities Markets
• Description of beta as a financial term
• New content on electronic markets

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