FYEI: Single vs In Relationship Economics Students Unpad


Here are some Fun Facts about Unpad economics students!

We asked 105 respondents from batch 2013, 2014, 2015 with a composition of 64.1% female and 35.9% male.

Here’s a glimpse of what we got…

Status: single population is 60% higher than those who are in a relationship.

For single population:

The longest duration of being single is more than a year. While, had been dated for 5 times is the highest relationship frequency.

For those with relationship:

Have been dating for more than a year is the highest.

Quality time pattern:

Single population finds karaoke, library and bed are relaxing, but those who are in a relationship prefer spending their time (and money) in cinema, mall and cafe.

Saving: those who are in a relationship save more (53.07%) compared to those who are single (49.63%). However, those who are in a relationship mostly save for vacation while single population save more for books, wedding/marriage prep., and pension)

Check out our infographic for the details. Let us know your thoughts!

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