FYEI: Coffee Prices and Cost of Tourism


Hello Esp’ers!

(terompet) Holiday is coming (terompet)
Prepare your plan for vacation around the world! but you must considered about the expenditure!

We are from research team will explain about: some beautiful tourism places and list of the coffee prices that might be one of the determinants of traveling cost in some countries around the world!

list of beautiful tourism places around the world :
(benar) Hongkong: two international finance centre
(benar) Luanda: mussulo island
(benar) Zurich: old town
(benar) Singapore: merlion park
(benar) Tokyo: mount fuji
(benar) Sanghai: the bund (wai tan)
(benar) Geneva: jet d’Eau
(benar) Beijing: the temple of heaven

High or low of living cost depends on price of foods, thats why we will show you about price of coffee in some countries, the highest cost of having a cup of coffee is in Hongkong. You must pay USD$7.77. The lowest price is in New York which is USD$2.5

Source: weforum.org

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