11th Economix : Asian Economic Challenges by Faculty of Economic , University of Indonesia



The theme of 11th Economix competition is What Should Asia Do to Mitigate the Outbreak of Global Economic Crises?
Each participants should choose one among three topics below as a basis for their essay:
1. Strengthening Fiscal Capacity in order to Maintain Public-Debt Sustainability
2. Defining Macroeconomic Policies to Rebalance Trade
3. Enhancing Financial System Efficiency through Financial Reform
Participants’ ideas and knowledge will be heavily observed concerning Asia’s ability in maintaining its economic performances in the moment of not only incessant global economic problems, but also many fundamental obstacles which have internally occurred among Asian countries. This international competition, conducted in English, is open for undergraduate students from all Asia countries and universities from other countries interested in taking part in the competition. Participants of the competition are teams consisting of two persons. The teams have to register online by filling in the Registration Form which can be obtained at economixfeui.com. The completed Registration Form together with the essay must be submitted to the committee no longer than September 12th, 2013.
The Economix Committee has assigned a team of adjudicators which consist of national academicians, economists, lecturers and practitioners to select 20 essays to be presented at the 11th Economix in University of Indonesia. In addition, in the Head to Head phase, the team of adjudicators will assess the essay presentation and will directly test the participant‟s knowledge and idea about Asia‟s challenge and opportunity in the moment of shift of power. In the last phase of Final, the team of adjudicators will evaluate the discussion of case study to determine the winner of Economix competition.
Informasi lebih lanjut buka website ini
Nih dibawah ini link download untuk surat undangan , dan form pendaftaran

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