Kandank Ilmu as One of Five Best Project in DYLA 2009 by Bank Danamon Indonesia

Kandank Ilmu has chosen as one of best five projects in Danamon Young Leaders Award 2009 (DYLA 2009).

Here is the copy of email from DYLA 2009 Committee (Ms. Paramitha Gama Suandi) about the first winner and best five projects from total 30 Finalist this year.

Friday, August 28, 2009 4: 39 PM

Dear Green Leaders,

It has been an honor for us, Danamon, to know you and to be a part of your learning step in order to be the green future leaders. All of you have a huge creativity and concern in preserving the environment that amazes us. We are very proud of what you have done to the environment.

The DYLA competition is now reaching an end that we have to announce the winner and the 5 best projects. One thing that have to be kept in mind, it does not mean that your projects have to reach an end also. We have a high expectation that you may continue to implement the project and let others learn it so when you are no longer a student, the project keeps running continuously.

Here is the name of winner and 5 best projects:

One person being DYLA delegate to the East Asia Youth Environmental Forum: Pandu Utama Manggala

Five best projects:

1. Kandank Ilmu ”Trusted Online Reference” — Yangki Imade Suara (UNPAD)

2. The Print Both-Sided Movement Pandu Utama Manggala (UI)

3. Campaign an Alternative Billboard Design as an Air Pollution Reluctant Device — Hari Bowo (IPB)

4. Zero Waste Event — M. Ridho Fithri Wikarta (ITB)

5. Learning Green by Playing Eco-Monopoly and Green Snakes and Ladders — Annisa Hassanah (IPB)

Congratulation for the winners! For other finalists, you don’t have to be sad. You are also incredible that you have defeated other hundreds participants. There are still bunches of conference that you can join (Bangkok and Copenhagen are the closest ones, try to grab it! J ) if you do really want to participate in a conference with topic related to the environment.

We hope that all of you may participate in Eco Indonesia since we have the same vision to make the world greener. Your active participation in Eco Indonesia will surely open one door for you to get the same or even better opportunity to join many conferences abroad.

We do hope all of you do remember about Eco Indonesia. It is a sister organization with Eco Singapore that we are sure all of you are already aware with this organization since Wilson has told you a lot. Eco Indonesia is about to make a sharing session on the topic of Climate Change that will be held regularly, planned one or twice a month. You are welcomed to come and join the sharing session. We will inform you soon about the soonest sharing session.

The end of the projects does not also mean the end of our relationship. Highly expect that we will still be in touch, both about the projects sharing and relationship as DYLA community.

Last but not least, good luck to you all! We will be waiting for your next amazing achievements! J


Paramitha G. Suandi

Human Resource-Strategic Project Analyst| PT. Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk. |Graha Surya Internusa 2nd Floor | Jl. HR Rasuna Said Kav. X-O | Jakarta 12950, Indonesia

P Please consider the environment before printing this email

Thank you for Kandank Ilmu Fans for your support that make us reach a national level award from Bank Danamon Indonesia

Special Thanks to
Pak Kodrat Wibowo | Head of Economics Department
Pak Ari Tjahjawandita | Economics Lecturer
DYLA 2009 Crew (Kak Mitha, Om Jin, Iben, Mami Tita, Kak Maya) and Finalist from UNAND to UNHAS (Total 30 Finalist)

Kandank Ilmu Team
Yangki Imade Suara | Founder and Project Manager
Narendra W.P. | Development Manager
Edo Dewantara | Strategic Partnership Manager
Citra Tamara Sari | Public Relationship Manager
and all of Kandank Ilmu Officer

Bank Danamon logo credit to BD+A Design.

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