Comparative Economic System: Model and Cases by Bornstein


Comparative Economic System: Model and Cases
by Morris Bornstein
Product code: 102613
ISBN: 0256095930, ISBN13: 9780256095937, 656 pages, hardback
Published by McGraw-Hill Higher Education in 1994 , 7 Rev ed edition

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  • Classifying Economic System
  • Comparing and Assessing Economic Systems
  • The Price System as a Mechanism for Using Knowledge [Friedrick Hayek]
  • Reward in a Capitalist Economy [Arthur Okun]
  • Karl Marx’s Model of Capitalism
  • Lenin’s Contribution
  • Kornai’s Stage of Socialism
  • Traditional Centrally Planned Economies
  • Political Power Structure
  • Ideology
  • Property
  • Coordination
  • Planning
  • Investment and Growth
  • Coherence of the System
  • Shortage and Inflation: The Causes
  • Dynamics of the Changes
  • Money and Price
  • A Brief Economic History of the Socialist Periode in Cuba
  • Political Liberalization
  • External Economic Relations
  • Employment and Wages
  • Hungary
  • Czech Republic
  • Russia
  • Consumption and Distribution
  • The Rise of the Private Sector
  • The Market Socialism of the Former Yugoslavia
  • Shortage and Inflation; The Phenomenon
  • The People’s Republic of China
  • Transition
  • Poland
  • Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary

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