Materi Kuliah Ekonomi Kesehatan Pak Adiatma

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Santerre & Neun (2004)
Chapter 1 : Introduction
Chapter 2 : Health and Medical Care; An Economic Perspective
Chapter 3 : Cost and Benefit Analysis
Chapter 4 : Health Care Systems and Institutions
Chapter 5 : The Demand for Medical Services
Chapter 6 : The Demand for Medical Insurance; Traditional and Managed Cared Coverage
Chapter 7 : Medical Care Production and Costs
Chapter 9 : Government, Health, and Medical Care

Folland, Goldman and Stano (2004)
Epidemiology and Economics
Imperfect Information; Supplier-Induced Demand and Small Area Variatons
Adiatma Y.M Siregar
Health, Education and Economic Development
Harm Reduction Journal
Cultural Approach to HIV/AIDS Harm Reduction in Muslim Countries by Memoona Hasnain

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