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Scholarship Van Deventer-Maas Stichting

What is Van Deventer-Maas Stichting?
Van Deventer-Maas Stichting (VDMS) is a private foundation with a mission to support the education of Indonesian people. The stichting was founded in 1947 pursuant to a provision in the las and will of Mrs. Elisabeth Maas, widow of Mr. Coen van Deventer.

In 1979 the Van Deventer-Maas Stichting merged with the Tjandi Stichting (founded in 1913) and the Van Deventer Stichting (founded in 1917, thereby absorbing the Kartini Foundation, which had been founded in 1913).

Mr. Van Deventer, who was critical of the unequal financial relationship between the Netherlands and its colony, wrote an article “Debt of Honor” and initiated “ethical policy”, focusing on the development and edification of the Indonesian people.

The couple was wealthy and childless. They decided to make their wealth available for the personal development of the Indonesian people. One of the supports given is scholarships for young, talented and financially deprived students.

What are the criteria to apply for a scholarship?
– 2nd year student of D-III, D-IV, S-1, and S-2
– Age for S-1 max. 27 years old and for S-2 amx. 30 years old
– Financially deprived
– Talented and Motivated
– GPA min. 3.00
– Disciplines: health, agro, science, technology, communication, computer, English, education, management, accountancy, economics
– Preferably, students coming from outside Java. Women are encouraged to apply
– Proficiency in English

How much are the grants?
The monthly grant depands on the status of the students.
D-III and D-IV: Rp 240.000,-
S-1: Rp 330.000,-
S-2: Rp 225.000,-
Scholars will also get a final examination bonus and TOEFL bonus when his/her score is higher than 450.

How can you apply?
Contact the PIC in your university to apply. If there are new grants available and you are eligible, you will get a form. Fill in the form and submit it along with intake documents, such as:
– Letter Rector or Dean stating that the students is a member of a deprived family, complete with “Surat Keterangan Tidak Mampu” delivered from “Lurah”.
– Copy of official income statements of the parents.
– Copy of Family Card an ID Card (KTM).
– Academic transcript stating the lastest IPK (Indeks Prestasi Kumulatif) signed by the Rector or Dean.
– Short story telling about your self and your motivation to get scholarship.
– Portrait photo (1), submit in digital format.

In case of S-2, submit with:
– Copy of the S-1 diploma
– Copy of the family card and ID card (KTM)
– Academic transcript stating the latest IPK (Indeks Prestasi Kumulatif) signed by the Rector or Dean
– Declaration of the Head if the “Magister Program” about his/her financial position as S-2 student or a statement that she/he is a teacher/lecture
– Portrait photo (1), submit in digital format

The university will send the documents to the Council of Deputies of VDMS in Jakarta. The CoD will (re)check whether you meet the criteria or not. After approval, an agreement will be signed between you and the university on behalf of VDMS.

For futher information please visit VDMS website in www.vandeventermaas.org.

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