>National Debate Competition 2009


National Debate Competition 2009

Through Critical Thinking, Let’s Welcome The New Paradigm Of Economy

Host :
Type :
Start Time
08 May 2009 at 08:00
End Time :
12 May 2009 at 17:00
Location :
Faculty of Economics, Padjadjaran University
Street :
Jalan Dipati Ukur 35
Town/City :
Bandung, Indonesia

Email :


National Debate Competition 2009 consists of two major events:
1. English Debate Competition
2. National Economics Seminar

English Debate Competition uses Asian Parliamentary System and will accept 24 teams from all over Indonesia…
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CA: Uphie ITB
DCA: Abdurrahman Alfarizi STAN, Puji Maharani Unpad

National Economics Seminar explores more about the economy condition in indonesia after the general election 2009… We have invited many experts to talk about the future of Indonesia, be a part of something big by attending this event…

Guest Adjudicator and Moderator:
1. Tina Talisa (Anchor – tvOne)
2. Indy Rahmawati (Anchor – tvOne)

Outift Sponsor:

Media Partner is:

Prepared Motions
01. TH regrets the stock divestment of PT. Newmont Nusa Tenggara.
02. THBT insider’s trading should be legalized.
03. THBT public investment on green technology is a solution to employment in USA.
04. THBT the ideal financial market is the most transparent one.
05. THW stop importing rice to further empower local farmers.
06. THBT the government should invest its idle budget in the capital market.
07. THW invest in on-line music stores for the prosperity of domestic artists.
08. THW stop the overpayment of Indonesia’s House of Representatives members.
09. TH celebrates the service provision of Tiger Airways.
10. THBT region expansion is a budget wasteful.
11. THBT Indonesia’s fiscal stimulus plan is not the answer to economic crisis.

TH = This House (Parlemen Ini)
THBT = This House Believes That (Parlemen Ini Percaya Bahwa)
THW = This House Would (Parlemen Ini Akan)

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