Evaluasi Proyek Bahan UAS

Bahan Evapro untuk UAS berupa file zip yang berisi:

  1. Environmental Valuation I (ppt)
  2. Environmental Valuation – extra notes (doc)
  3. Hedonic Prices 2 (ppt)
  4. Hedonic Pricing 5 (ppt)
  5. Nonmarket Valuation EE Chapter 7 (ppt)
  6. Other Revealed Preference Methods (ppt)
  7. Revealed Preference Methods (ppt)
  8. SA16 – Valuation Method (ppt)
  9. Hedonic Pricing 1 (ppt)
  10. Hedonic Pricing 3 (ppt)
  11. Hedonic Pricing 4 (ppt)
  12. SR 2002 4s (pdf)
  13. Travel Cost Methods 1 (ppt)
  14. Travel Cost Methods 2 (ppt)
  15. Valuation (ppt)
  16. Valuation Methods Environment (ppt)
  17. Valuation Methods in Environment (pdf)
  18. Valuate (zip)

To acquire these files you will need to click here to download to your hard drive. These download contains of “zipped” files which require WinZip to view.
Click here to download WinZip now.

Thanks to Pak Rahmat, SE., ME

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